Do you have a crush on the hedgehog?

Do you have a crush on the hedgehog?

We certainly do !

We have to admit, we all have crushes on these captivating animals too. We created a special line of gorgeous crystal hedgehog jewelry for our die hard hedgehog loving customers.

Hedgehog Earring and Necklace Set

A very cute hedgehog wedding !

Golden hedgehog earring and necklace set

Gold tone hedgehog earring and necklace set

Why is the hedgehog our spirit animal?

Hedgehogs are not only adorable, but are often portrayed as having magical powers in fairy tales. Of course they do! They can cause spontaneous joy and smiles. They are also wonderful teachers in life. If you look beyond the hedgehogs spiky and intimidating exterior, underneath is a gentle and sweet soul. Like many people you will encounter in life, underneath the exterior lies someone who just wants to be loved!!

We have our 75" x .75" Sparkling Crystal Hedgehog Pendant and 17" Chain - one side is dazzling crystals, and the other side is adorable tear shaped cut outs. Our customers love that this necklace is really two in one!! This necklace pendant comes in gold-tone and silver-tone.

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  1. I love your work..can you make a design you have available as a necklace into a bracelet instead?

  2. Hello Rachael,

    Yes, we do have some, but not all, styles available as bracelets. Which line were you interested in?

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