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Lola Bella Gifts is where ooh la la comes to life. We believe in the magic of gifting giving. Come back often to see what new gifts and accessories we have. We love creating special memories with you and those you treasure most.

Angels In Flight

LolaBella Gifts is very proud to present our Angels In Flight product line.

Lola Bella and Spirit Lala embarked on a journey to help heal those suffering with grief. We understand the hurt and pain associated with losing a loved one. These jewelry pieces, come with soulful poems like “The Red Feathered Soul” written by Elle Bee. These make the perfect gift for anyone that has lost a loved one. What a beautiful way to let your loved one know you care. We hope that these pieces bring the peace, love and connection of the love that never dies. 

Spirit Lala

LolaBella Gifts have been long admired the work of the artist Spirit Lala. We are proud to offer our customers a selection of our favorite pieces from her amazing and soulful jewelry line. 

We Love Animals

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” At LolaBella Gifts we love all animals!! Whether you have a connection to a spirit animal or if you have little furry companions at home, you probably want to show them off.  Check out our line of animal jewelry, we have hedgehogs, dogs, cats, frogs, sloths, horses, giraffes, turtles, seahorses, pigs, penguins, ravens, hippos, giraffes and more !